The costs of living are escalating – electricity not the least of them. The logical step would be to minimise your expenditure, and the best way to do this is to install a system that can harness the sun's free energy (in the form of photons) to create power for your home or business: solar photovoltaic systems fit the bill, and they're better for the environment, too (did you know that one megawatt of solar-derived electricity saves about one tonne of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere). As such, we've created Login-to-Solar: a complete solar solution for your property.

We also aim to make it easy for you to understand what you're purchasing – a solar system is a big investment, and our technicians will explain to you how it works and the best system for your premises. We source components from reputable suppliers, and our licensed electricians ensure the job is done right first time, and it is guaranteed to last. And, we're accredited with the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Solar photovoltaic cells convert energy from the sun into power – and they do it silently, and with zero emissions. An inverter changes the Direct Current (DC) power produced by the panels into Alternating Current (AC), which is then delivered back into the power grid through your electricity meter. And it makes sense – on the hot days when air conditioners and fridges are struggling to keep up with demand, the sun is delivering more energy to your photovoltaic cells and generating more electricity to power these high-consumption devices.

As a member of NECA Login Communications is also providing independent inspections on existing solar installations, call us if you have concerns with your system.

Why not call us today, and we'll have one of our technicians out to your property for a free, no obligation quote.